Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Photographer Willy Ronnis

Willy Ronnis was one of our greatest photographers, a humanist witness to a troubled 20th century. Willy Ronis passed away in September 2009, on the eve of his hundredth birthday. 
Ronnis bequeathed his photographic collection to the French State in 1983. You can find five articulated themes intrinsic to Ronis’ oeuvre: the street, work, travel, the body and intimate moments from Ronis’ own life. 
At the Monnaie de Paris you'll find many nostalgic images of post-war Paris, of course, but you’ll also discover many never-before-seen photos, including more contemporary shots from the 80s, which give a more complete picture of the passionate photographer’s life work. Visit the Paris exhibition.
Usine de textile du Haut-Rhin, 1947
His relationship with the human body, which can be seen in his female nudes or in the silhouettes walking in the street, are also a part of this aesthetic world in which social commitment is never far.
"Femme au maillot rayé se découvrant au milieu de plantes"

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