Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Gay Sailors

Sailors, or men in sailor's outfits, do very well in the gay scene, and there is nothing new about that. Many interesting photographs of (near) nude men with sailor's hats or blue striped shirts originate in the first half of last century.
Some nice examples I found at the site of V.M.P. Vintage (Rediscovering the Models and Photographers from the Golden Age of Gay Erotica).
And in more recent times, we see the highly stylized photographs of Pierre (Commoy) and Gilles (Blanchard), a gay French couple who produce very interesting pictures, using their own costumes and self-build sets. 

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  1. It was this Fassbinder film adaptation of the classic Genet novel, which truly sparked the imagination, of a gay California teenager in the early 1980's, me! Brad Davis was hot and is still sorely missed!