Monday, March 29, 2010

Armor Lux

Armor Lux is one of the best known manufacturers of Breton shirts, founded in 1938 by a 31 year old Swiss-German entrepreneur who bet on the creation and production of high quality underwear under the Armor Lux brand. The company was set up as Bonneterie d’Armor, in Quimper (Brittany), one of a handful of Breton shirt manufacturers working from Brittany.  
Apart from the enormous range of striped tops, Armor Lux is known for it's ethical and ecological stance; promoting fair trade and using certified organic cotton.
Armor Lux is a member of the Comité 21 (French Council for environment and sustainable development); a member of the ORSE (Study Center for Corporate Social Responsibility) and adhered in 2005 to the citizen fibre programme, implemented by the NGO Yamana promoting a fairer economic, social and environmental development.

With 70 years of experience, 640 employees, 3 factories, a network of 30 boutiques and the 3 values : quality, tradition and ethics Armor Lux is a leading company in the field of Breton shirts!

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